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Please allow 5 to 7 days for the photos to be edited and uploaded for viewing.

Santa Fe Century Bike Ride
May 2013


    1. Roll your mouse over "View Your Photos"

    2. If you rode the 25 mile course, click on "25 mile." Look for your pictures in the gallery.

    3. If you rode the 50 mile or 100 mile course, PHOTOS WILL BE SORTED BASED ON THE TIME YOU PASSED THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S LARGE
      DIGITAL CLOCK JUST PAST GALISTEO VILLAGE. Roll your mouse over the HOUR that you passed the clock. Then click on the link that includes the time you actually passed the clock. For example, if you passed the clock at 12:20, you would roll your mouse over "12:00" and click on "12:15". Look for your pictures in the gallery.
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